The sustainable lightness of the Marina Abramović

07 Oct The sustainable lightness of the Marina Abramović

Provocative and audacious, free and restless, contesting and contested.

These are just some of the adjectives that could define the complex, composite and articulated personality of Marina Abramović.

At Palazzo Strozzi the long-awaited retrospective exhibition was opened on the self-defining grandmother of performances.

This unique event in Florence allows us to retrace the most famous works of the artistic life of a woman who, from Belgrade, has extended to the whole world the boundaries of her revolutionary way of thinking and making art.

On show will be exhibited his youth figurative tests, already a revealing mirror of such a composite and tenacious personality, and, first in Italy, videos, documents and images that testify Marina’s decades-long career, studded with audacious, free performances , determined in which the artist, without limits, tested his body, his potential for expression and the public himself, revolutionizing the idea of performance.

If you are ready to open yourself to a philosophical and cultural experience without prejudices, this exhibition will test your concept of art and open your mind to new artistic horizons …

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