Florence and its “Genius loci” II

03 Jan Florence and its “Genius loci” II

… we go into Florence. It is a swarm of colors, a swirl of patrons, wayfarers and onlookers and a panting of stories mixed with stones. Crowded, the squares resonate with the clinking of sparkling coffee, shine with the glare of fleeting photos, pop with the passing of carriages and horses. People are confused, their noses upwards. It is all a gesture of hands that indicate and of looks that penetrate the many beauties, once sculpted by skilled hands and for a long time, now, in a perpetual pose. And time accompanies us and creeps between the alleys and the chiassi where ancient shops alternate with trendy shop windows, and tradition resists innovation. But in all this din, where is Florence?

It’s better to go up.

…to be continued

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