The Florentine welcome by Davizzi

28 Jul The Florentine welcome by Davizzi

Since the Middle Ages, in Florence, the great noble families of the city devised different ways to highlight their prestigious presence in society. But of all, the Davizzi family adopted a very unique one. In the museum of the Florentine medieval house, today known as the Davanzati Museum, but whose first owners were the Davizzi, in fact the portraits of some members of this family are visible. They had commissioned the building of their palace from the mid-fourteenth century to show off their growing power in the Florentine population in the economic and political life of the city of Florence. The palace was equipped with all the comforts, as could be found in the homes of the great Florentine families, but the family distinguished itself from the others for the rather unique way of welcoming its guests. Not with simple portraits on the table but with faces carved in stone. Where are these petrified faces then? It will be my care to let you discover.

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