Florence and the wealth of Jewish heritage

15 Oct Florence and the wealth of Jewish heritage

The Uffizi Gallery represent the peak of Florentine and Italian pictorial culture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The names of Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and Caravaggio – to name but a few of the most renowned artists – are spreading in the rooms that house the permanent collections of the Uffizi Gallery. However, the Uffizi also hosts remarkable temporary exhibitions, rich in ideas and insights. The current exhibition “All the colors of Jewish Italy” opens a glimpse of considerable value on the religious and artistic culture of the Florentine and Italian Jewish community. Thanks to precious fabrics such as the Paròkhet, the Mappah, the Me’li, the silver objects – such as Atarah or Rimmonim – and the impressive Sèfer-Torah – damaged during the terrible flood that Florence suffered on November 4, 1966 and permanently preserved at the Museum of the Jewish Community of Florence – we can capture the richness and value of the Jewish artistic heritage produced by these communities that have always been present in the Italian territory.

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